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Five Reasons to Move Out of the City Before Fall

February 10th, 2021

you have. Putting it up for sale does not guarantee it will sell, but give it as low a price as you can get along with. I’ve lived to regret loss from two homes in which an offer was below what I invested-in one case I lost it all when the bank wouldn’t refinance an out-of-state balloon payment.

If September is approaching and you haven’t sold your property, consider refinancing or a bank loan for its equity, so that you’ll have cash to move and rent a place for the winter or longer. Alternatives might include buying a camper, van or even a small pickup with shell that would allow pad and sleeping bag in southern states.

It may be equally important to have family, friends or connections with someone who is rural where you plan to go. It could be a friend of a friend at church or someone you have exchanged emails with for some time and have talked by phone. You might consider a weekend drive to the area or a visit to a church in order to ask questions and share what’s on your mind to learn what you can.

Moving out of the city may mean the loss of job if you aren’t self-employed, but you might still be able to commute to work if the economy doesn’t crash as expected. If it does, you will probably lose your job anyway. So why not go on your terms, selling what you have in the city and taking what you need?

2. Health is wealth and living in the country is more conducive to health and true healthcare. Planting a garden involves a variety of practical exercise in the fresh air and sunlight with no need of a sweaty gym memberships, and the rewards of gardening also include nutrition, good mental attitudes and security v future food shortage. True healthcare is about what we eat and do (exercise), and how well we avoid MD’s and Rx drugs, a leading cause of illness and death.

3. Education. Move before fall and consider not registering your child in public school. While “Goals 2000” admittedly dumbed them down, the agenda now is to strip our children of moral restraint and teaching that would handicap them in a depraved New World Order where “anything goes.”

Consider the dating question that teenage boys might ask, “Is it okay if I take off my pants?” or a recent student survey asking how many different forms of sex have they tried? Parents are sacrificing their children to the idol of “education,” falsely so-called as Israel did to pagan idols of surrounding nations. It was an abomination then it’s an Obama nation now.

4. Spiritual reasons for moving include Bible teachings. Cain, the first murderer also built the first city. The greatest personages throughout Bible history came from a rural settings. The law given by God to Moses says, “You shall teach them,” speaking of your children. Moses delivered a million plus from the bondage in Egypt that had many similarities to the US today, including our aborting infants, etc. The Exodus is included as an example for us at the end of the world, 1 Corinthians 10:1,11. Cities are a focus of crime, sex, violence. Leave your TV behind when you take your necessities with you.

5. Freedom. You don’t have to be religious to appreciate this. Who needs a government telling you to buy mercury light bulbs because they use less electricity? (Never mind the huge risk if you break one.) Who needs a government that ignores 2nd Amendment rights that have protected its citizens against tyranny for hundreds of years, as it ignores countries like Switzerland where everyone is taught to use a gun, and they have far less crime than US with “gun control” which is failing in Chicago, etc.

The Great Teacher who divided BC from AD warned his followers, “When you see the abomination (that early believers understood as military) “standing where it ought not, flee… ” Mark 13:14. When Roman military came, those disciples fled and were spared the siege and death by Titus in 70 AD, but Christ’s warning were also about the end of the world, Matt 24:3,15.

So do we see military “standing where it ought not”? If you haven’t seen it yet on YouTube, type in JADE HELM, (HELM means Homeland Eradication of Local Militants), a euphemism for grab guns that are supposed to be legal according to the 2nd Amendment. If guns are outlawed, only the outlaws will have guns.

I am not saying we should shoot them at the door, but this government has been spying on us, monitoring our phone and internet, erecting FEMA camps for dissidents and has plans to re-educate you if you don’t want the coming global government. Free speech is going or gone along with freed of press and assembly. They have plans to even take your food if they think you have more than you need.

We can “thank” our leaders in Washington for selling out to a New World Order that’s also the pope’s agenda from the days of Lincoln when

1. The Vatican was the eager first entity to recognize Jefferson Davis as the illustrious president of the Confederate States.. They wanted to divide and conquer America because of its religious freedom as opposed to Old World countries and all other countries in the New World south of our borders.

2. Roman Catholic US Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Taney said that black people “had no rights which the white man was bound to respect” in the Dred Scott case, 1857.

3. Lincoln was assassinated, probably by the same force as behind JF Kenned